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Advance Voting Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 9th) is the first advance voting day–your first opportunity to choose who will represent you on local boards and councils for the next three years!

Advance voting polls will be open from 8am-8pm, at the following areas:

  • Gibsons Community Centre (700 Park rd.): for Gibsons area candidates and SCRD area School Trustees and Directors.
  • SCRD office (1975 Field Rd): for SCRD area Trustees and Directors (including “A” and “B”).
  • Seaside Centre(5790 Teredo Street): for Sechelt Trustees, Councillors, and Mayoral candidates.

If you would like to cast a vote for yours truly for School Trustee, and you live in School District Rural Area 2 (West Howe Sound, Elphinstone, Roberts Creek, Sechelt Indian Government District) you can vote at either the SCRD Field road office or the Gibsons Community Centre.

Get out and vote!




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Board of Education Regular Public Meeting: Tuesday, September 13, 2011.

The next regular meeting of the Sunshine Coast Board of Education will be Tuesday September 12, 2011, 7:00pm, at the School Board office. Did you know that the agendas for regular public meetings are available on the Friday prior to meetings? You can find the full September agenda here. If you can’t attend the meeting, express yourself here, or via email: jscott@sd46.bc.ca

Here are a few highlights:

We have an interesting, education related presentation to start meetings off with. It’s worth coming just to watch the presentations. And, yes, you could theoretically leave right after.

This month’s presentation: Continue reading

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Your Sunshine Coast News and Politics

I’ve decided to branch out from Board of Education updates and witty anecdotes to include (witty) analysis of the goings-on of the Sunshine Coast. There are two reasons for this:

First of all, being on the Board of Education actually limits what I can say about the Board of Education. It’s not that we’re beyond reproach, it’s that it would be inappropriate for me to comment critically around decisions of the Board. However, you can. If you would like to post a piece for discussion regarding the Board or anything else relevant to the Sunshine Coast, you can email me at jscott@dccnet.com or simply post it as a comment below. I will cut and paste it into your own post, and the discussion will begin!

Continue reading


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Official Announcement : Sunshine Coast Board of Education School Amalgamation



The Sunshine Coast Board of Education announced at a special board meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 that students and staff at Sechelt Elementary School will, effective September 2010, be amalgamated with Kinnikinnick Elementary School.

School Trustees voted unanimously on this decision to offset declining enrolment and tight budgets in the school district. The Sechelt Elementary School site will remain open as a school so that the district can pursue with the province of BC a seismic upgrade and a central, new replacement school in the heart of Sechelt. The “Neighbourhoods of Learning” program integrates the community use of school sites. StrongStart and the Alternative School will continue to occupy the Sechelt site in 2010-2011.

Davis Bay Elementary School will remain open. The Board of Education and senior staff will continue to evaluate the Davis Bay Elementary School enrolment configuration and consider its viability as a K-7 school. Continue reading


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Proposed School Closure bylaws :final results


All three school closure bylaws were defeated. The Kinnikinnick and Sechelt elementary bylaws were defeated unanimously, while the Davis Bay closure bylaw was defeated 2-4. The Davis Bay bylaw generated the most debate, with Trustees weighing the pros and cons of its closure.

After the bylaws were defeated, the following motion was made, and passed unanimously:

“That effective for the 2010-11 school year, the K-7 program and staff of Sechelt Elementary be amalgamated into Kinnikinick Elementary pending renovations, repairs and the pursuit of a Neighbourhood of Learning at the Sechelt Elementary site.”

Please see the comments section here for a little more meat on the subject.

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Will Sechelt Council’s proposed “Wound an Elk” bylaw surpass the recent “Save the Rats and Seagulls” bylaw in popularity?

Sechelt Council is managing to garner an inordinate amount of attention again, for another proposed bylaw.

I’m assuming the intent of this bylaw isn’t to allow people to wound elk with arrows and let them run around in an attempt to scare off their buddies, but that is how it’s been interpreted in the community. And with pretty good reason. That’s how it reads in last week’s (February 5th, 2010) Coast Reporter, due to a combination of poorly worded quotes from wildlife biologist Darryl Reynolds, who suggested the bylaw to Council.

Or maybe that really is the intent, I don’t know. Again, it could be from what I can gather so far. And maybe that is a good way to get rid of “nuisance” elk. Not my area of expertise. It’s not the merit of the bylaw that I’m wondering about, I claim no moral superiority either way–I’ve never been bothered by elk, but I have been known to enjoy some elk jerky. What I’m wondering is just who is in charge of communications over at DoS and what are they doing?

I respect the Mayor and Council over at DoS, and I’m reasonably sure they have good intentions by looking into this, but this is just another in a pretty steady stream of wacky sounding moves that have not been met with a lot of public support.

I mean, who knew that it would be unpopular to tell little girls that their camp, and the criminals who run it,  are finally being brought to justice? Continue reading


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