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Vancouver School Board to Keep Schools Open


After extensive public consultation and a report from senior staff, it appears that VSB will not close any schools prior to the 2011-12 school year.

See related story here.



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Guest Post: BC School Closures: A Cure Worse Than the Disease

A bunch of people (what are you trying to say?) sent me Crawford Kilian’s recent piece from the Tyee on school closures, so here it is. Is this relevant to our district?


BC School Closures: A Cure Worse Than the Disease

The number shut by BC’s Liberals is 176 and climbing, but here’s why the savings will likely prove a mirage.

 By Crawford Kilian


18 February 2010,

 Forty-four of B.C.’s 60 school districts have closed 176 schools since 2002, and over 50 more closures are certain or threatened over the next couple of years. But demographic projections suggest that closures are a short-term solution that will create a long-term problem. Continue reading

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Official Announcement : Sunshine Coast Board of Education School Amalgamation



The Sunshine Coast Board of Education announced at a special board meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 that students and staff at Sechelt Elementary School will, effective September 2010, be amalgamated with Kinnikinnick Elementary School.

School Trustees voted unanimously on this decision to offset declining enrolment and tight budgets in the school district. The Sechelt Elementary School site will remain open as a school so that the district can pursue with the province of BC a seismic upgrade and a central, new replacement school in the heart of Sechelt. The “Neighbourhoods of Learning” program integrates the community use of school sites. StrongStart and the Alternative School will continue to occupy the Sechelt site in 2010-2011.

Davis Bay Elementary School will remain open. The Board of Education and senior staff will continue to evaluate the Davis Bay Elementary School enrolment configuration and consider its viability as a K-7 school. Continue reading


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Proposed School Closure bylaws :final results


All three school closure bylaws were defeated. The Kinnikinnick and Sechelt elementary bylaws were defeated unanimously, while the Davis Bay closure bylaw was defeated 2-4. The Davis Bay bylaw generated the most debate, with Trustees weighing the pros and cons of its closure.

After the bylaws were defeated, the following motion was made, and passed unanimously:

“That effective for the 2010-11 school year, the K-7 program and staff of Sechelt Elementary be amalgamated into Kinnikinick Elementary pending renovations, repairs and the pursuit of a Neighbourhood of Learning at the Sechelt Elementary site.”

Please see the comments section here for a little more meat on the subject.

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School Closure decision tonight!

The Sunshine Coast Board of Education will vote on the second and third (if necessary) readings of the School Closure bylaws concerning Sechelt, Kinnickinnick, and Davis Bay elementary schools.

This public meeting takes place at 7:00pm tonight (February 16th, 2010) at Chatelech Secondary School. Continue reading


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Got Lice?

Head lice

The controversy concerning our district’s approach to head lice is becoming more widespread.

Janet Steffenhagen wrote about the issue in her Vancouver Sun blog, Report Card (see below)

No one wants their children infested with lice, so it is understandable that parents are reacting strongly to this issue.

And we’re listening. Staff are currently looking at our approach to head lice with partner groups. If there are improvements to be made, I’m confident that they will be. To see the current regulation regarding head lice click here. 

What do you think needs to be done?

Sunshine Coast parents want nit-pickers to return to schools

A group of Sunshine Coast parents say the spread of lice has increased since the school district changed its policy to stop parent volunteers from checking children’s hair once a month.

More than 100 people have signed a petition asking the board of education to again welcome the nitpickers into schools, who they say formed a first line of defence against an infestation. Furthermore, they say the district didn’t properly notify parents when it decided to change the policy and, as a result, many thought the nit checks were still occurring.

We thought (students) were being checked once a month,” parent Jennifer Pratt said in an interview. “Nobody told us those checks had stopped.”


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School Closure Process

On Tuesday, January 26th, we held a special public meeting to vote on first reading of the bylaws to close Davis Bay and Kinnikinnick elementary schools.

Both bylaws made it through first reading. It was a very short meeting, as there is no debate or discussion regarding first readings. The real action will occur February 16, when the second and third (if necessary) readings for all the School Closure bylaws will be voted on. This is a public meeting: 7:00PM Chatelech Secondary School.

There is a also a public consultation meeting to receive feedback on the first readings of the proposed bylaws. This is your chance to make your views heard. February 2, 7:00 pm, Chatelech Secondary School.


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