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BC’s New Education Plan Unveiled Today!



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Public Sunshine Coast Board of Education Meeting: Tuesday October 11, 2011.

The next regular meeting of the Sunshine Coast Board of Education will be Tuesday October 11, 2011, 7:00pm, at the School Board office. Did you know that the agendas for regular public meetings are available on the Friday prior to meetings? You can find the full October agenda here. If you can’t attend the meeting, express yourself here, or via email: jscott@sd46.bc.ca

Here are a few highlights: Continue reading

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Public Forum: Education on the Sunshine Coast (Postponed)

Last spring the Sunshine Coast Board of Education planned a fall forum to gather community input on educational opportunities in our district. Unfortunately, the event has now been postponed, but I would still like to hear about your ideas for innovative program ideas for the Sunshine Coast.

So, tell me:

What things do we do well in our district?

What things do we need to improve on?

What type of programs would you most like to see expanded (or initiated)?




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Kevin Falcon Wants Merit-Based Pay for Teachers

Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon states in an interview with the Globe and Mail that he would implement merit-based pay for teachers if he becomes the next premier of BC. Susan Lambert, president of the BCTF says, “It’s a destructive idea that doesn’t bode well for public education.”

Merit pay for teachers isn’t a new idea. It’s been a huge topic of discussion (and has been implemented in some districts) in the US over the past few years. Results vary and seem to be open to interpretation.

I haven’t seen any information about how he hopes to implement this, or what the criteria will be for rewarding teachers, so it’s hard to tell if he’s serious about this, or simply campaigning.

Parent groups will probably like the concept, and the teacher’s union will likely continue to denounce the idea. School districts and Trustees have to be open-minded about new ideas and first ask, “Is this concept in the best interest of children?”

Ensuring that we have the best possible teachers in classrooms should arguably be the main priority of school districts. There are many ways to do that. Would a merit-based system help or hinder the process?

It wouldn’t be my first choice, though I am in favour of recognizing exceptional people in our schools, in a positive and supportive way.

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Trustee Academy Report #1: Minister MacDiarmid

Education Minister/Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment addressed the BCSTA during the Trustees Academy, and it was a markedly different approach to the first time she addressed us. She still spoke in mostly politician-speak and answered questions in a roundabout way, but was more comfortable and open to questions and comments.

She even made a couple of jokes. Here’s one of them:

“How many School Trustees does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Zero–due to carbon neutral initiatives schools are switching to low voltage compact fluorescents, which will outlast any trustees living today. Furthermore, should such circumstances arise wherein a light bulb did in fact need changing, trustees would be neither qualified nor permitted to perform such a duty.”

OK, so I just made that one up. I can’t remember what MagMac’s jokes were, but I suggest she use that one in the future.

She did indicate that she doesn’t necessarily expect to be the MoE for very long, and doesn’t expect any policy decisions to be made until after we have a new Premier. Maybe that’s why she was more relaxed. Or maybe she sees that she will have to work with education partners to affect any positive change.

She did mention two specific things of note:

1.  The recent, mostly negative, report on the BC College of Teachers.

2. BC continues to perform above average in the PISA results, while slipping slightly in the overall rankings.

It’s been a bumpy ride in the MoE for the last few months, trying to predict who will head the MoE and what direction the BC government will ultimately decide to go in regarding education.

Hopefully in a few months all will be revealed.

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Vancouver School Board to Keep Schools Open


After extensive public consultation and a report from senior staff, it appears that VSB will not close any schools prior to the 2011-12 school year.

See related story here.


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School District 46 seeking a new Superintendent for 2011-2012

Deborah Palmer, superintendent of SD46 for 4 years, has requested a return to principal-ing for the 2011-12 school year, and the Board has facilitated this request.

See the news release here.


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