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Road Rage comes to the Sunshine Coast

With the petition to return Gibsons way back to normal now at 600, one wonders whether there will soon be some alleviation to the big city traffic jams and angry drivers we’ve been experiencing.


I haven’t actually signed the petition yet (it’s funny that you have to go to St. Bart’s to sign it–the place that is now about as accessible as String Theory–oh the irony) but I probably will. It’s definitely an inconvenience, but worse, I don’t see any positive side to it. Nor have I heard any clear reasons given for the change. There’s been some vague talk about safety, but I don’t see how it’s more safe. I guess ultimately it will keep people from coming here, big city people¬†(we all know big city people with their big city ways¬†= danger.) It will also take longer for the police to get to the mall, so I guess the bears will be safer, but I have to assume that wasn’t the main reasoning Continue reading



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