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Proroguing: A big deal?

No, we haven’t figured out a way to prorogue the Board of Education.

There has been a huge uproar over Harper’s proroguing of parliament this time, which is great, but I’m wondering why the use of this archaic tool has caught people’s attention, when it seems like so many other things don’t.

I love to see a group of Canadians coming together and demanding accountability from their “representatives”, but let’s be honest here : Do you actually know when parliament is in session? Do you know what’s happening in parliament on any given day? Do you pay attention to what happens in parliament when they are in session?

I’m not saying there’s not a legitimate beef here. What I am saying is I wish people would pay this much attention to the actual workings of government. You get screwed much less politely than this on a daily basis, if it’s Democracy you’re fighting for.

Because the reality is that the effectiveness of parliament is only very slightly modified when there is no one there. It’s not even clear whether or not this minor impact is negative. Like it or not, parliament has become a farcical (and expensive) shell of what it was once supposed to be : a place where elected officials debate issues and introduce and vote on legislation on behalf of their constituents. Continue reading



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