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Geoffery Canada: HuffPost’s greatest person of the day.

I have followed Geoffrey Canada’s grand initiatives–aimed at improving success for impoverished children–quite closely.

Admittedly, it’s not entirely by choice. He is inspirational, but a lot of my knowledge about him is due to the fact that I have a Google alert set up to send me any news stories related to the key words “Education” and “Canada.”

Mostly I’m looking for educational news related to Canada, the country, not Canada, the guy. But it turns out he’s doing some great work in one of America’s poorest, most dangerous communities.

 “We are trying to level the playing field, so poor kids have the same opportunities to become happy, productive members of society,” he said. “We start with kids as early as possible, even working with expectant parents and then support the children through a variety of high-quality programs until they graduate from college.”


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