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Advance Voting Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 9th) is the first advance voting day–your first opportunity to choose who will represent you on local boards and councils for the next three years!

Advance voting polls will be open from 8am-8pm, at the following areas:

  • Gibsons Community Centre (700 Park rd.): for Gibsons area candidates and SCRD area School Trustees and Directors.
  • SCRD office (1975 Field Rd): for SCRD area Trustees and Directors (including “A” and “B”).
  • Seaside Centre(5790 Teredo Street): for Sechelt Trustees, Councillors, and Mayoral candidates.

If you would like to cast a vote for yours truly for School Trustee, and you live in School District Rural Area 2 (West Howe Sound, Elphinstone, Roberts Creek, Sechelt Indian Government District) you can vote at either the SCRD Field road office or the Gibsons Community Centre.

Get out and vote!




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Sunshine Coast High School Students Rally To Keep Beloved Teacher

I’m going to go further in clarifying the nature of this post, as this is a timely and sensitive issue, and misunderstandings can happen during unfortunate times. 

My purpose in this post was to recognize a group of kids speaking up strongly for something that they believe in. I’ve said I’m proud of them for that, and I am. As politicians that’s what we say we want from people, and I commend all groups that do so, even when I don’t agree with their message. Many people have asked me advice on getting the attention of politicians, and I’ve answered them honestly.

I’m not passing any judgement on this process, though. I’ve said “there’s always room for improvement” but I like to think that that is my approach to all things.

This is public education and people are allowed to ask questions, and even scrutinize the system. Hopefully it is done in a constructive manner.

Students at Elphinstone Secondary School are hopping mad about a favourite teacher being “bumped” from his position. There are currently 506 members in the Facebook group “We Want Mr. Topping Back At Elphinstone!”

Group description:

“Mr. Topping is one of those teachers that goes above and beyond the call of duty for the kids and has the respect of parents and students alike. Let’s show him our thanks and encouragement. Support one of our favourite teachers!”

In a nutshell, laid off teachers can “bump” other teachers based on seniority, if they have the qualifications.

I think it’s great the students are questioning the move of an obviously dedicated and respected teacher, even if their wrath is directed at the Board of Education. A group of passionate people speaking up, in an organized fashion, gets people thinking. Maybe Facebook will be the saviour of Democracy! Who woulda thunk it? I apologise for all the things I’ve said about you, Facebook.

Is this the best method of placing teachers? There are a lot of factors involved, but I say there’s always room for improvement. If you’re critical of the current system, what do you suggest?


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Your Sunshine Coast News and Politics

I’ve decided to branch out from Board of Education updates and witty anecdotes to include (witty) analysis of the goings-on of the Sunshine Coast. There are two reasons for this:

First of all, being on the Board of Education actually limits what I can say about the Board of Education. It’s not that we’re beyond reproach, it’s that it would be inappropriate for me to comment critically around decisions of the Board. However, you can. If you would like to post a piece for discussion regarding the Board or anything else relevant to the Sunshine Coast, you can email me at jscott@dccnet.com or simply post it as a comment below. I will cut and paste it into your own post, and the discussion will begin!

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Road Rage comes to the Sunshine Coast

With the petition to return Gibsons way back to normal now at 600, one wonders whether there will soon be some alleviation to the big city traffic jams and angry drivers we’ve been experiencing.


I haven’t actually signed the petition yet (it’s funny that you have to go to St. Bart’s to sign it–the place that is now about as accessible as String Theory–oh the irony) but I probably will. It’s definitely an inconvenience, but worse, I don’t see any positive side to it. Nor have I heard any clear reasons given for the change. There’s been some vague talk about safety, but I don’t see how it’s more safe. I guess ultimately it will keep people from coming here, big city people (we all know big city people with their big city ways = danger.) It will also take longer for the police to get to the mall, so I guess the bears will be safer, but I have to assume that wasn’t the main reasoning Continue reading


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