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I secretly don’t care about the Fraser Institute.

Even though they are a popular (and safe) scapegoat, what the Fraser Institute does isn’t near the top of my list of priorities. I don’t care that much about what they do over there, and neither would the public if we just stopped talking about it.

Seriously, please stop.

As people responsible for public education, we have more important things to focus on—like children.

Let me go even further and declare that any problems we have in public education are not caused by the Fraser Institute, and what they do should have zero influence on what we do, or don’t do, in our public school system.

It’s time for those of us involved in the public education system to start taking responsibility for all aspects of the system. A collective look in the mirror, please. Continue reading



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Halfmoon Bay aces the FSA tests!

Halfmoon Bay Elementary School scored at the top of the province in the Foundation Skills Assesment testing, done in grades four and seven. The tests are meant to assess where kids are performing in the key areas of reading, writing, and numeracy.

There is some controversy around the effectiveness of the testing, but whatever your feelings around FSA testing, you have to be proud of the kids and staff at HBES. Way to go!

Read an article here:

Tiny school tops list as Fraser Institute releases latest report card

Interesting that HBES is classified as “tiny.” In our district it’s one of our larger elementary schools!



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FSA testing

 You’ve probably heard about FSA tests over the last few months. Here is an article from our Board of Education Chair, Silas White, as published in The Local:

The FSA Debate: Redux


I’m not sure if people perceive the debate over Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) standardized testing in our elementary schools as a constant the last few years, or only that it seems to come up consistently every year… but it is getting dizzying.

Province-wide, the debate has shifted because these assessments of numeracy, literacy and reading comprehension, given annually to grades 4 and 7 students, are now occurring in the first week of February rather than in May.

Also this year, the BC Teachers’ Federation has voted to “not prepare for, administer, or mark” the FSA. In consultation with our provincial employers’ association, school district senior management is working hard to prepare for such an occurrence. Continue reading

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