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The road to True Democracy will be paved with fallen Politician-Bloggers

Every few weeks we seem to hear of another ambitious politician sabotaging his or her career through poor use of social media. Social media plus government is supposed to equal a big step towards more accessible and accountable politicians. However, it seems to mostly be used for digging up more dirt on elected officials, at least so far. Another source for tabloid headlines.

Just between you and me, I’m all for raking politicians through the coals, and I’m not immune to the hilarity of someone embarrassing themselves for millions to see; but I do wish we paid the same attention to the work that these people do (or don’t do.)

The latest¬†fool to bear his deepest, wrongest thoughts to the entire planet is Alberta MLA Doug Elniski. Seems Doug thought it would be a good idea to take up twittering. In theory, it’s probably a good way to get your message out, keep your constituents informed of what you’re doing–unless what you’re doing is being an idiot. Continue reading



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