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Just voted at GACC–ZERO waiting!

If you want to beat the mad rush on Saturday, hit the advance polls today! Gibsons and Area Community Centre or SCRD Field rd. office.


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What’s the “Occupy” movement about? Democracy.

The “Occupy” movement spreading quickly throughout the US and Canada is a call for real democratic reform.

I’m not anti-business, not even anti-rich people, but I am very excited about the movement and the potential for positive dialogue and change in our society. I don’t think the goal of the movement is to brand all corporations as bad, but to illuminate the fact that the citizenry (the other %99) have virtually no say in how corporations operate within our respective countries.

I’m not as interested in whether or not business execs are rich, but I am interested in how they got rich. Was it from cheap public resources? Policies favouring one corporation over another? Pouring waste chemicals into public rivers? Slavery? Deceptive advertising? Those are the things citizens deserve a say in, and politicians, beholden to the groups that fund their war chests, have repeatedly not acted in the public interest in these matters.

The heart of the movement isn’t about taking from the rich, it’s about highlighting the fact that citizens in our “democracy” are not allowed to participate in the decision making process regarding matters of public policy.

Though it kills the status-quo-nicks, the fact that there isn’t a hard list of demands from the participants is sort of the point! This isn’t a special interest group lobbying for their own specific benefit. The reason the movement has gained momentum is that young people will be demanding a say in every area of public interest. As hard as it is to fathom for some of us, young people are simply not going to be satisfied with our centuries old system of having a handful of people deciding for them all matters of public import.

Our system isn’t horrible, it’s just not democratic. More and more people are wondering why that is. There are going to be true democratic reforms–it’s inevitable–just a matter of how it comes about.

Politicians (and media) that continue to dismiss this movement as an unorganized group of misfits do so at their own peril!


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2011 World Teachers’ Day

“2011 World Teachers’ Day – Canadian teachers inspire students, awaken potential”

What do you on World Teacher Day? Are you even aware of it?

How can a community recognize the value of our great teachers?

Read more:

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Children and Youth with Special Needs Fund

As of May 2011, Giving in Action is accepting applications for the Children and Youth with Special Needs Fund.

The Children and Youth with Special Needs Fund (CYSN) provides grants to families who have children or youth (under 19) with special needs living at home. 

The Fund offers one-time capital grants to help enhance or improve the individual’s health, development or ability to participate in daily activities at home, in school and in the community. Eligible expenses may include such things as home renovations and vehicle modifications.

More info here


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Minister of Education Abbott addresses BCSTA

Minister George Abbott just addressed the BCSTA and lived up to his reputation as an intelligent, witty, and pleasant kind of guy. I’m hopeful minister Abbott will bring a renewed focus to education in BC, but I’m not agog like many involved in education seem to be. I’m always more focused on actions. I’m not criticizing him–I like him, too. But, I don’t like-like him yet. I haven’t seen what he plans to do, that’s all.

Not that he’s had a chance yet–I get that. I’m just saying let’s wait and see if his approach is going to bring about (or initiate) positive change before giving away our hearts so readily.

It’s good to have hope, and there is promise in the air, but as my grandpa used to say, “If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then Promise cobblestones the way to bitter disappointment and a lifetime of cruel resentment.”

He was a lot like Oprah, in that way.

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What the Helsinki?

Pasi Sahlberg is just finishing his second plenary presentation for BCSTA members. He’s a great speaker and the Finnish system is encouraging in many ways. Sahlberg also recognized the great strengths of BC’s education system.

Unfortunately though, in looking at ways to implement the visionary aspects of the Finnish, I can’t help but think, “We can’t get there from here.”

Which isn’t to say that we can’t improve our system, we most certainly can. But it would be nearly impossible to take pieces of the Finnish system and plug them into ours, as many call for. If we want to learn from the Finnish system, we have to look at it as a whole. It would take a complete paradigm shift to model their system. We can’t “tweak” our system to incorporate the pieces we like. We would have to have a complete societal shift in our views on education-just as Finland did many years ago. Finland wasn’t always a world leader in education, and they didn’t become one by accident.

Within our current adversarial approach to education, it seems impossible to have such a shift.

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Trustee Variance Issue Vote

OK, so many are curious about the trustee variance issue of course, so I’ll try to summarize. I don’t have the minutes so the wording might not be exact, but here is how it played out (in a nutshell): Continue reading

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