Who is this Jason Scott and why does he have a blog?

I am a School Trustee on the Sunshine Coast Board of Education and Project Leader for the Bladerunners youth employment/lifeskills program.

I have two young kids and a beautiful wife who works as a Behaviour Intervention Specialist for school district 46. I have close to 20 years experience directly supporting vulnerable children and families, in various roles in the social service field. In my spare time I like to sail and I coach U7 soccer and Elphinstone Cougars rugby.

I started this blog to increase public awareness and engagement regarding school board operations. I have enjoyed my first three year term as a School Trustee and hope to continue on with the work at hand.

Why “self-hating?”

I believe that our political systems need an overhaul and that citizens need to be included in decision making regarding public policy. I have long been critical of politics and dishonourable politicians, so becoming an elected official was a bit like joining “the establishment!”

Since I hope that politicians will one day be “phased-out,” becoming one makes for some interesting irony. Still have my integrity and honour though, so I guess they’re not all bad.

My family and I love the Sunshine Coast–its beauty and its people of course, but also for what it represents.

If you have any questions please ask–on the blog or jscott@dccnet.com. I will give you an honest answer, and I’m not afraid to tell you where I stand on issues.


Jason Scott


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