What is BC’s New Education Plan?

George Abbott, minister of Education, put out a missive this week that seemed to mostly fly under the radar (thanks to Susan Skinner, North Vancouver Trustee, for pointing it out).

The plan contains many ideas we’ve heard before, but not a lot of detail about any proposed changes. There are 5 key elements to the “plan”:

  • Personalized learning for every student.
  • Quality teaching and learning.
  • More flexibility and choice.
  • High standards.
  • Learning empowered by technology.
Do you foresee any of these changes occuring?
And how will they ultimately look?


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3 responses to “What is BC’s New Education Plan?

  1. Anonymous

    How can we have “learning empowered by technology”, when PACs around the province are the ones funding new labs…. which aren’t really new, they are recycled computers. Even with the new Language Arts IRP came out in 1996, which required students to use technology, this curriculum change was not financially supported by the BC Government, in contrast to other provinces which invested in schools in order to help improve access to technology. We can’t afford to provide help for all the LD kids, never mind test those on waiting lists, so how is it possible to prioritize technology? As a parent at a recent BCPAC conference stated, there is no private school alternative for me where I live, I want public schools funded well, not given a ‘choice’ that doesn’t exist.

  2. Jason Scott

    Thanks for the comment. Certainly some valid points. I was just at a PAC meeting yesterday where members discussed buying another Smart Board for a classroom in their school.

    Districts do spend tens of thousands of dollars on technology, though (some more than others), but it would be impossible to keep entire districts on the cutting edge with the current funding formula.

    Indeed there will have to be some major systemic changes before any of these changes can take place.

  3. Daniel

    bookmarked, my friends will love this

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