Public Sunshine Coast Board of Education Meeting: Tuesday October 11, 2011.

The next regular meeting of the Sunshine Coast Board of Education will be Tuesday October 11, 2011, 7:00pm, at the School Board office. Did you know that the agendas for regular public meetings are available on the Friday prior to meetings? You can find the full October agenda here. If you can’t attend the meeting, express yourself here, or via email:

Here are a few highlights:

We have an interesting, education related presentation to start meetings off with. It’s worth coming just to watch the presentations. And, yes, you could theoretically leave right after.

This month’s presentations:

  • Celebrating Education–Special Education – Dan Galazka, District Principal
  •  Roots of Empathy – Shannon Quinn, S.C. Roots of Empathy Coordinator

Public Question Period:

This is your chance to ask the Board a question–any question–live and in person. There is another question period at the end of public meetings.

Summary of Agenda:


Superintendent’s Report

a) Strategic Plan Update

i) Five Year Capital Plan

ii) Technology

iii) Social Responsibility –

from September Board Meeting

b) Other Reports

i) Class Size Report for September 2011 –


ii) Student Survey Prize Draw

c) Information Items

i) Cheques Issued – larger cheques issued in month of September 2011

d) Chair’s Report

e) Board/Committee Reports

i) Education Committee Notes – September 29, 2011

ii) Finance, Facilities & Transportation Notes – September 15, 2011

iii) Policy Committee Notes – September 20, 2011

7. Correspondence

a) C. Hershler, Executive Director,

deer crossing the art farm,

b) UBCM, Danyta Welch – Heritage Centre, Madeira Park Elementary

c) UBCM, Danyta Welch – Long/triple jump pit upgrade, Elphinstone

d) Trustee Ken Sinnott – Letter of Resignation

e) Town of Gibsons, Michael Epp – Harbour Area Plan

f) Langdale PAC, J. Thomson – After School Care Program

g) BCTF, Susan Lambert – Brief to the Select Standing Committee


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