West Howe Sound OCP Public Hearing: Tonight!

Langdale is on track to becoming the hippest neighbourhood in North America!

Or at least breaking the Top 5.

Thanks to the local West Howe Sound folks that have put in 3 long years on developing the new WHS Official Community Plan!

I encourage everyone to attend the public hearing (7:30pm, September 14th at Eric Cardinall Hall) and provide feedback on the plan, which includes many positive and exciting changes for WHS. Of course, WHS is made up of many vibrant and unique neighbourhoods and there are extensive recommendations for each area, but I think the Neighbourhood Village Centre concept in Langdale is the biggest departure from the previous OCP.

Imagine a store we can walk or bike to! And a restaurant or coffee shop? Somebody pinch me! Affordable housing for young families? Unheard of!

All possible under the new OCP objectives:

  • “The Neighbourhood Village Centre is envisioned to be a walkable neighbourhood with a range of housing types focused around a village green centre. The density within the development shall be higher near the village core and disperse outward toward the perimeter. Groups of small homes, such as town houses and apartments above neighbourhood commercial uses, should be located toward the centre of the neighbourhood in proximity to Langdale Elementary School. Moving outward should be clustered pods of smaller single family housing, down to a 500 square metre lot size, and further outward, larger single family parcels in the range of 1,000 square metres. Furthest out should be larger acreages adjacent to the Agricultural Land Reserve. The density within the development shall be higher near the village core area and disperse outward toward the perimeter.”
  • “Compatible uses may include residential uses, multiple dwelling unit developments, convenience stores, produce markets, offices, restaurants, personal service uses, retail stores, public assembly including park, community, and fire hall, public utility uses, and Langdale Elementary School…”

I’ve always been flabbergasted that we don’t have some basic services in WHS, though I can understand the reasoning when the initial OCP plan was drafted many years ago. Times have changed though.

In addition to the Neighbourhood Village Concept there are also a number of future park dedications and preservation of green space and ALR land throughout WHS. And a ton of other stuff.

I’m not connected to the plan and I’m also not an expert on land use. Please have a look at the plan, ask questions, provide feedback and decide for yourself!¬† Be aware that the,

Regional District Board will not consider any verbal or written representations or submissions from the public after close of the public hearing. “


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