Minister of Education Abbott addresses BCSTA

Minister George Abbott just addressed the BCSTA and lived up to his reputation as an intelligent, witty, and pleasant kind of guy. I’m hopeful minister Abbott will bring a renewed focus to education in BC, but I’m not agog like many involved in education seem to be. I’m always more focused on actions. I’m not criticizing him–I like him, too. But, I don’t like-like him yet. I haven’t seen what he plans to do, that’s all.

Not that he’s had a chance yet–I get that. I’m just saying let’s wait and see if his approach is going to bring about (or initiate) positive change before giving away our hearts so readily.

It’s good to have hope, and there is promise in the air, but as my grandpa used to say, “If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then Promise cobblestones the way to bitter disappointment and a lifetime of cruel resentment.”

He was a lot like Oprah, in that way.


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  1. Sounds like something Methusela once said…..
    Do you think the Canucks will FINALLY dispatch of the pesky Preds. Had a flashback to ’94 the other day, sitting on the one remaining piece of furniture watching the Canucks eliminate the Flames over a box of Canadian. Good times.

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