Trustee Variance Issue Vote

OK, so many are curious about the trustee variance issue of course, so I’ll try to summarize. I don’t have the minutes so the wording might not be exact, but here is how it played out (in a nutshell):

Motion 1:

  • Trustee Lori Pratt moved that we reduce the number of trustees by two and move to an at-large voting system, district wide.
  • Trustee Jason Scott seconded
  • Much discussion
  • Trustees Lori Pratt and Jason Scott eventually voted in favour of the motion–motion was defeated.

Motion 2:

  • Trustee Greg Russell moved that we shift the areas and trustees, while keeping seven trustees.
  • Roberts Creek–South 3 Trustees; District of Sechelt & SIB 3 Trustees; Halfmoon Bay Pender Harbour 1 Trustee
  • Seconded by Trustee Dave Mewhort (possibly Fran Heppell-my apologies if so)
  • Much discussion ensued
  • Trustees Greg Russell, Dave Mewhort, and Fran Heppell voted in favour of the motion–motion was successful.

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