Before I die I hope to become more like this teenage girl.

How cool is this girl? 17 year old Kerri-Jo Fehr has pledged to wear a homemade burlap dress to her high school prom if she can collect $10,000 for a vocational training school in Niger.

Many of us will go through our whole lives without being able to take a step back and look at the big picture of humanity, but this young woman is going to sacrifice what is seen as one of the most important events in her life in order to help a group of people she’ll probably never meet.

She’s wise enough to ask, “what is more important: Competing to see who can spend the most for the ‘best’ prom dress (you can replace ‘prom dress’ here with thousands of other ‘must haves’ that we strive for,) or making a positive difference in the world?”

Seems like an easy question, but, as a society, it seems to me that we value the former over the latter.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Incidentally, I hereby make a pledge to help out two needy kids–mine. If I can raise $8.75 (enough for a case of “apple beverage”), in the next two hours, I pledge to wear nothing but a lycra unitard to the next Board of Education meeting!



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4 responses to “Before I die I hope to become more like this teenage girl.

  1. Tom Hierck

    Done! I hereby pledge $9 (keep the change) partially for the health of those two delightful children of yours but largely for the spectacle that will be at the next meeting.

  2. Jason Scott

    Thanks Tom. Unfortunately, you didn’t quite make it in before the deadline.

    I’ll take the money, though…

    • Tom Hierck

      If you check your Twitter account you will see that I responded within seconds of your original post. That you have a two hour delay on your blog for filtering does not allow you to avoid the consequence of your postings!

  3. Jason Scott

    I’ll have to check with my legal department on that…

    Perhaps if we can find a pink one in my size for anti-bullying day this week, I’ll wear it to the public consultation!

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