Teachers: Got Vision? Tell a trustee!

I recently replied thusly–

“Do you have to start a new school to utilize the great ideas here? What’s stopping one from implementing these ideas? (I see from your earlier posts that you have already started.) I’m not being argumentative or facetious here. I’m a school trustee (BC, Canada) and if a teacher presented me with this vision I’d say, “let’s make it happen.” Here’s the rules: a) you probably can’t have much more money. b)students need to learn certain things (and be able to demonstrate that-somehow.) Those stipulations are significant, no doubt, but do they necessarily prevent your vision?”

–to a teacher’s post in which she imagined a school that implemented some bold, positive changes in the approach towards educating children. I would say the ideas fit nicely into many of the aspects of the 21st Century Learning discussions we’ve been having.

I do believe that to be true–that is I would love to hear (and support) creative/innovative approaches to education in our district.

So, try me.

Of course keep talking to your colleagues and our educational leaders, but don’t forget about your simple but proud trustees. You might be surprised by the willingness to explore new approaches and ideas.

We just want to be included. Our cold stares only mask the bitter loneliness deep inside us*. Facebook friends aren’t real friends.

*some trustees may be neither bitter or lonely. Or staring.



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2 responses to “Teachers: Got Vision? Tell a trustee!

  1. laura

    Hi Jason,
    Not sure about the precursor to this blog post, but… I certainly find your willingness to listen and engage in dialogue, very refreshing. Keep up the good work!
    [Also: I recently learned that when people are listening and engaging they can look very serious or even hostile… it’s their “listening face.” ]

  2. Jason Scott

    Thank you Laura.

    There is a link to the relevant blog post in my post: click on the underlined “teacher’s post” if you’re interested.

    And I’m glad to know that people’s “listening face” can look hostile! It’s a good reminder to look beneath the surface!

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