How come I’ve never heard of Tulani Ackerman?

Over the weekend I came across this article, in The Vancouver Observer. The article is about Tulani Ackerman, a teacher who cycled thousands of kilometers around BC asking people for their input regarding our public school system. Sounds like someone whose hand I’d like to shake.

Trouble is, I never heard anything about it. Is it just me? I mean, I’m reasonably bright and in-the-know when it comes to BC education. My people over at Google alert me to anything that even hints at being related to education in British Columbia.

I see now that there were a few references to this story over the summer but not that much. Seems like this could have been a bigger story.

Did I just miss this?



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3 responses to “How come I’ve never heard of Tulani Ackerman?

  1. Tulani was greeted at the end of her trek in Victoria with a picnic for public education, organized in part by our local coalition – Victoria Public Education Coalition ( It was the middle of summer…a slow time for education issues and the media, but it was a fun and lively event nonetheless.

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