Next SD46 Board of Education Regular Meeting: Jan.11, 2011

The next regular meeting of the Sunshine Coast Board of Education will be Jan. 11, 2011, 7:00pm, at the School Board office. Did you know that the agendas for regular public meetings are available on the Friday prior to meetings? You can find the full January agenda here. If you can’t attend the meeting, express yourself here, or via email:

Here are a few highlights:

We have an interesting, education related presentation to start meetings off. It’s worth coming just to watch the presentations. And, yes, you could theoretically leave right after.

This month’s presentation:

“The State of Children’s Development – Locally & Provincially”

K. Deasey – Early Learning Coordinator – District Programs & Services

Motions to be considered:

Only one motion in the agenda this month (motions can also be raised during meetings):


“THAT the Board of Education of School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) agrees to a second reading of the following motion regarding Bylaw 10.0 Voting:

Delete: 10.3 If a trustee wishes to have their vote recorded, he or she must so request before or immediately after the vote is taken.

Change: 10.5 Voting shall be by show of hands and only the results recorded unless a member requests recording of names before the vote is taken. Where names are recorded both positive and negative votes shall be recorded.

To: 10.4 Voting shall be by show of hands and votes in the negative shall be recorded.”


“THAT the motion to amend Bylaw 10.0 Voting be read for a third time, passed and adopted.”


Okay, technically that’s two.


Regulations for Circulation:

One regulation currently being reviewed:

Regulation 1590 – Head Lice (Circulating until March 8, 2011).

See the full regulation in the agenda, pages 47-48.


I want to hear your thoughts on these issues! Don’t wait until after decisions are made!



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