Trustee Academy Report # 2.010101: Workshops

Another workshop I found invigorating was Technology and Personalized Learning.

Two teachers showed us very different ways they utilized technology in teaching.

Will Eaton, a grade seven teacher in SD53, incorporates technology into his classroom in so many different ways it was hard to keep up. I’ve since checked out his website, here, and I recommend it to anyone interested in technology and learning.

Ian Johnson teaches physics 12 in SD53, via a “virtual” classroom. He gave an excellent presentation on the pros and cons of teaching using technological tools like Smart Boards and Elluminate, in order to offer courses to a larger number of students throughout the district.

His website and blog here. 

Is this the future of education? We can’t rely on technology to “fix” any challenges we are facing in education, but it makes sense to use whatever tools are available in delivering student-focused programming.


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