Trustee Academy Report #1: Minister MacDiarmid

Education Minister/Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment addressed the BCSTA during the Trustees Academy, and it was a markedly different approach to the first time she addressed us. She still spoke in mostly politician-speak and answered questions in a roundabout way, but was more comfortable and open to questions and comments.

She even made a couple of jokes. Here’s one of them:

“How many School Trustees does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Zero–due to carbon neutral initiatives schools are switching to low voltage compact fluorescents, which will outlast any trustees living today. Furthermore, should such circumstances arise wherein a light bulb did in fact need changing, trustees would be neither qualified nor permitted to perform such a duty.”

OK, so I just made that one up. I can’t remember what MagMac’s jokes were, but I suggest she use that one in the future.

She did indicate that she doesn’t necessarily expect to be the MoE for very long, and doesn’t expect any policy decisions to be made until after we have a new Premier. Maybe that’s why she was more relaxed. Or maybe she sees that she will have to work with education partners to affect any positive change.

She did mention two specific things of note:

1.  The recent, mostly negative, report on the BC College of Teachers.

2. BC continues to perform above average in the PISA results, while slipping slightly in the overall rankings.

It’s been a bumpy ride in the MoE for the last few months, trying to predict who will head the MoE and what direction the BC government will ultimately decide to go in regarding education.

Hopefully in a few months all will be revealed.


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