Carol James To Enter Liberal Leadership Race?

If you’ve been following BC politics the last couple of months, you know anything is possible.

The events have been about as predictable as Luongo’s play on any given night. It’s as close to “exciting” as politics get.

I’ve been trying to figure out what the NDP could possibly be hoping to accomplish with their public shenanigans. Seems like they’re tired of others shooting them in the feet and want to show they can do it to.

Then it all came clear to me: This is really a brilliant plan by Carol and her so-called dissidents to propel her into the Premier’s seat without having to wait until the next election!

It’s been beautifully orchestrated, from kicking out what’s-his-name, to the resignations, to the final killing blows from the Kwaninator. I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier! The path is now clear for Carol to take over the reins of the BC Liberals, and therefore, the province.

Good luck you beautiful, brilliant, kooks. Such a move will definitely get you some points for trying.


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