School District 46 seeking a new Superintendent for 2011-2012

Deborah Palmer, superintendent of SD46 for 4 years, has requested a return to principal-ing for the 2011-12 school year, and the Board has facilitated this request.

See the news release here.



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2 responses to “School District 46 seeking a new Superintendent for 2011-2012

  1. Can you keep us informed as to when the search process will be initiated and how? As well, will there be any opportunity for community input into the criteria for selection … perhaps part of the shortlisting process? Obviously the board makes the final decision so I’m not thinking anywhere near the part of the process, but rather in support of the efforts leading up to a decision.

  2. Jason Scott

    Yes I will report back any info I can on when and how the search is going.

    Intriguing question about community input. I’m not sure how that could fit here, but I always like the concept of public involvement. Of course any potential candidates would have a right to privacy, so I assume you’re not wanting to grill them as a mob in the town square.

    I’m thinking by “criteria for selection” you’re meaning that the public could have a voice in determining what values and principles we want in a new educational leader for our community?

    I haven’t been through this before, so I’d have to think about that. At the very least, people can let their representatives know the leadership qualities they think most important for the future of our district right here on my blog, or by emailing the Board :

    Please let me know if I’ve misinterpreted what you’re getting at here.

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