Board of Education Stipend Increase


OK, so this issue is a month old now, and I want to know what people feel about voting to increase their stipends. No one has called me or written me directly about it, so I’d like to know if people are really upset about our stipends going up.

Most people seem to think that trustees should be paid a fair amount but don’t have much faith in the process, which I can understand. I’ve complained louder than most over the years about politicians voting for their own wage increase, but I don’t yet know what the solution is.

Here are the numbers : Trustees currently receive $11,000 a year, and we voted to increase that to $13,313 (the provincial average.) Basically $166 a month.

I voted for the increase, so I obviously believe the amount is fair, even if the process isn’t perfect.

So, what do you think?

  • Do you think Trustees are paid too much?
  • Do you think the public should decide whether raises are warranted?
  • Would you be willing to submit your own raises to the public for approval?


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6 responses to “Board of Education Stipend Increase

  1. kyle

    Trustees are paid a pittance because the pay is not compensation but an honorarium.

    Not many get into politics for the salary. Rather they do it so that they can be corrupted or to make their kids proud of them.

    My question is – who would want to corrupt a small village’s school board?

    In the event that there are no insidious beings lurking and waiting to corrupt the Powell River school board trustees – the trustees should get a raise.

    • Jason Scott

      Thanks Kyle, for the post. I’ve been holding off about one thing, but I can’t take it any longer!

      OK, two things: firstly, are those the only two reasons people get into politics?

      And secondly, we’re not Powell River!! Nothing against our brothers and sisters in PR, it’s just generally accepted that we on the Sunshine Coast are more interesting and better looking than they are.

  2. rick

    Trustees only make 13,000?

    That doesn’t seem like much for all the meetings and decisions they have to make–and the flack they take.

    You won’t see me doing it for that much.

  3. A bit late getting to this, but I certainly have no problem with the trustees voting themselves a raise. And, while I understand the SCTA and CUPE feedback concerning the tough budget cuts that have been made in the district this year, the sum total of the raises would not have gone too far towards meeting those concerns.

    What I do think, though, is that our district has too many trustees and should consider a reduction to five. I also know that while trustees are not supposed to be regional in their thinking, the way they are elected tends to lead to community bias and I think that needs to be addressed.

  4. Jason Scott

    Thanks for the feedback, Bob.

    The ideal number of trustees for our district has been brought up, and I think this Board would be open to looking at that. I haven’t heard much from the public about this, though, so I don’t know if that is something there is a big outcry for.

    Trustees represent the public on the Board of Education, so I don’t know if people feel a reduction in trustees would be appropriate. Hopefully we’ll hear from more people on it.

    We would save a few bucks, sure, but, in terms of the overall budget it would largely be a token gesture. Every little bit helps, don’t get me wrong, but would the modest savings be worth the reduction in representation? Although the SC is relatively small in population we do cover a huge area.

    I’m open to discussion…

    Which brings us to your next comment. Trustees are elected to represent the entire school district, but are each elected by certain geographical areas, that is true. In that way we could be seen as having a slightly different role than members of other levels of government.

    I feel that trustees on this board do a pretty darn good job of considering the district as a whole when making decisions, but I’m happy to look at alternatives.

    Are you suggesting we elect all our trustees as “at large” representatives?

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