Year Round Schooling

It’s a concept that’s been bandied about for years, probably since farmers ceased needing their kids home to help out with harvesting season: Year Round Schooling.

I see it’s in the news again, with the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley branches set to meet to discuss the pros and cons of a “balanced” school year. Many districts have tried year round schooling in some form or another. Some gave up on it and some are still doing it.

The main argument for it is that taking extended breaks from school is not good for the retention of learning, which seems like a valid point. Some claim there are cost savings with a balanced school year model, but that’s not that clear to me. Maybe there are savings to be had, I haven’t looked hard at that aspect of the concept.

So, educationally it could be a beneficial model–if done right–but what impact would this have on families? I assume it would actually work better for many working parents–most aren’t able to take summers (or even Christmas) off to look after their kids–but the school calendar is deeply ingrained in our society in many ways.

 I’d be willing to look at a balanced school year for the Sunshine Coast if it was developed as a superior educational model for kids, but I’d like to know what other parents think about it.

So, let me know…


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