Board of Education meeting tonight (May 11, 2010)!

That’s right, time for another wild ride on the exciting and bumpy tour that is a Board of Education public meeting. 7pm School Board office.

If you haven’t been you should go! Almost everyone goes! Well, maybe not everyone, but there have been some new faces showing up, which is great.

Notable on the agenda:

Motion – J. Scott

“That the Board renew our support for our smallest schools and encourage

growth through a redistribution of district programs and funding.”


This Board has recognized the value of our neighbourhood schools in providing

exceptional educational experiences, yet we continue to concentrate district

programs and support in our larger schools.

Here is an example of some of the programs recently offered in the lower

Sunshine Coast schools:

District Supported Programs

Gibsons Elementary:                                                    Langdale Elementary:

Strong Start drop in centre

KinderSpark kindergarten readiness

SPARK program

Ready, Set, Learn

Homework Club

Breakfast Club

After school care program

Kindercare program

How exciting is that? It’s my attempt to refocus the direction we are going in as a district. We’ll see how it goes.

You can see the complete agenda here:



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