BC Budget and Education : Better than a Sharp Stick in the Eye

The province introduced its budget today, and while you can’t say it’s good news for education, our expectations are so low that it almost feels like it.

In a nutshell, it seems to me that Health and Education did receive some increased dollars, while almost everywhere else will see the same funding or less. Mostly less. The budget allows for additional funds for some of the “unfunded” raises that have been downloaded on districts, as well as restoration of the yanked Annual Facilities Grant for next year.

These are areas that Boards of Education and their provincial bodies have been screaming (via Canada Post) about for some time, so maybe we were finally heard. There has also been a lot of rallying from other partners in education, including professionals and some great parent-led campaigns right here on the Sunshine Coast.

 Of course Hansen is still calling for more “efficiencies” in our school districts, so there are still some surprises coming. The sharp stick could still turn out to be the better option.

Read a Vancouver Sun article here: B.C. budget keeps tight lid on all spending except health and education



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2 responses to “BC Budget and Education : Better than a Sharp Stick in the Eye

  1. Mel Joy

    Better than a sharp stick in the eye? I guess you could say that but I am still feeling as though the poking is still there just maybe a bit lighter. You are right in saying that our expectations are just so low that any more money feels as though we have a windfall! Pathetic really but isn’t that how it works? Take something away, get us all angry, then give it back in increments because we will all be so thankful to have a little back. Great blog by the way, it’s great to hear how you are all doing in Sunshine Coast.

  2. Jason Scott

    Hi Mel, thanks for the comment.

    Yes, you’re right : right now we’re just hoping for a little lighter poking.

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