Will Pender Harbour drag democracy out of the dump?

In a surprise move the SCRD has at least granted a stay of execution for Pender’s beloved dump, in the form of endorsing the principle of a referendum on the hot issue. Just when it was widely felt that the decision to close it had been made, the directors deferred the decision, directing staff to prepare information regarding the possibility of a referendum.

Which isn’t to say there will be a referendum, but it’s nice to see they are considering the option of finding out what the people actually want. It will be an interesting process and just the concept raises a multitude of questions for me. If they hold a referendum, who will be allowed to vote? Will the results be binding?

Very exciting!

There is some good reading on the subject on the Pender Harbour forum. Did you know they had one of those? Turns out they’re actually more “evolved” than the rest of us. Technologically speaking, at least.


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