Ministry rejects All Day Kindergarten proposal for SD 48

Our friends and colleagues in School District 48 (Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton) have come up with the best proposal to solve the 50%-All-Day-Kindergarten-for-2010-11 conundrum that I’ve heard.

Here’s a related article from the Chief:

Basically, they suggested implementing All Day K for all kids halfway through the year, rather than implementing All Day K for half of the kids for the entire year. It sounded like a great compromise to me, and ensured that the spots would be spread equitably across the district. It also would have given the entire district an opportunity to “ease into” the new schedule. Also seemed like it would cost the same.

At any rate, like many good ideas, it has been rejected (although I haven’t heard an official response from the Ministry.)

The Ministry’s decision to only provide funding for 50% of the kids in the province to attend All Day K next year has put all boards in the difficult position of deciding who will get the spots and who won’t. 

We will discuss the matter of All Day K in our district at our next public meeting: March 16, 2010, 7pm, School Board Office.

Any suggestions?



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2 responses to “Ministry rejects All Day Kindergarten proposal for SD 48

  1. It’s amazing the ministry won’t let such a common sense proposal be implemented. I guess if they didn’t think of it themselves then it has to be a bad idea, right? What are they 13? Actually, 13 year olds wouldn’t be so juvenile!

  2. Jason Scott

    Thanks Mike. Yeah, that’s certainly what it feels like. There hasn’t been any explanation that I know of, so we’ll anxiously await that.

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