Guest Post : Education reform, one classroom at a time

WDC sent me the following article from the NY Times to post for discussion. It’s by Melinda French Gates regarding the Gates Foundation’s strategies to improve education:

“Sitting on the desk of the secretary of education are dozens of ideas bold enough to finally start solving our country’s education crisis. They are contained in applications by 40 states and the District of Columbia for grants from the Race to the Top fund, a $4.35 billion piece of the stimulus package designed to dramatically improve student achievement.”  Full story



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2 responses to “Guest Post : Education reform, one classroom at a time

  1. a joke?

    people who don’t know anything about education talking about evaluating teachers…

  2. punchline

    Who doesn’t know anything about education? Bill and Melinda? They’re not doing the research, just giving hundreds of millions to look for ways to improve education.
    Let’s attack them for that.
    The article says teachers and unions are part of the research and on board with examining teacher effectiveness.
    Too bad that won’t happen here.

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