Your Sunshine Coast News and Politics

I’ve decided to branch out from Board of Education updates and witty anecdotes to include (witty) analysis of the goings-on of the Sunshine Coast. There are two reasons for this:

First of all, being on the Board of Education actually limits what I can say about the Board of Education. It’s not that we’re beyond reproach, it’s that it would be inappropriate for me to comment critically around decisions of the Board. However, you can. If you would like to post a piece for discussion regarding the Board or anything else relevant to the Sunshine Coast, you can email me at or simply post it as a comment below. I will cut and paste it into your own post, and the discussion will begin!

Secondly, there isn’t currently an online place for the critically minded folks of the Coast to debate and exchange ideas. This is surprising, because people here are very involved in community and civic affairs, and much more knowledgable about current events than are people in most places. We also hold our politicians accountable and we like to complain!

So, I hand it over to you.



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5 responses to “Your Sunshine Coast News and Politics

  1. Silas

    Perhaps you should change your blog title, then, if the point is no longer going to be so “confessional” (…and I’d been hoping you were going to start posting some self-pitying poetry on here… er, no, actually I wasn’t)

  2. Jason Scott

    Well, I just got around to naming it, so it would be bad form to change it now. I admit it was a bit of an impulse naming. I had just spent the day in a bubble bath reading the “Shopaholic” series by candlelight. Obviously I also had Enya playing.

    Regarding the poetry, I did start to write some limericks, but couldn’t find anything that rhymes with “Silas.”

  3. Hi Jason, I have two comments. Firstly, there is a place on the coast where people can proffer and debate ideas. has something called “The Community Blog”. You post your letter to the editor (community) and people vote their agreement/disagreement and can add their comments.

    Second, I think the reason there is no “discussion forum” on the coast has to do with Canada’s defamation laws. The forum’s host is legally liable for anything defamatory posted on the forum and since there would be no way to moderate an entire forum around the clock. Who wants to take all that risk to host a free forum?

    ps: The US has laws that hold forum hosts harmless but not in Canada.

    • Jason Scott

      Thanks Dave. I’ve never noticed that feature on Suncoastcentral, I’ll check it out. Does it get utilized?

      Thanks for the tip on defamation laws!

  4. Yes, Its a fairly new feature and there has only been 10 letters so far. However it gets read a lot.

    The site is used by over 5,000 mostly locals a month so it’s a quick way to get your message out. The letters are moderated which means that I give them a quick read over to make sure that someone hasn’t posted a defamatory rant, but other then that I don’t filter them based on subject. As long as the letter is not exposing the site to legal action I leave it to the readership to agree or disagree with the sentiment of the message.

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