School Closure decision tonight!

The Sunshine Coast Board of Education will vote on the second and third (if necessary) readings of the School Closure bylaws concerning Sechelt, Kinnickinnick, and Davis Bay elementary schools.

This public meeting takes place at 7:00pm tonight (February 16th, 2010) at Chatelech Secondary School.

I really don’t know what will happen!

I will update as soon as possible after the meeting tonight.

Agendai. No. 2010-1 Sechelt Elementary School

ii. No. 2010-2 Davis Bay Elementary School

iii. No. 2010-3 Kinnikinnick Elementary School

(b) Third reading of School Closure Bylaws:

i. No. 2010-1 Sechelt Elementary School

ii. No. 2010-2 Davis Bay Elementary School

iii. No. 2010-3 Kinnikinnick Elementary School

3. Amalgamation of Schools


“That for staffing purposes, the staff of are to be

amalgamated as one staff.”

4. Adjournment

1. Call to Order

2. New Business –

(attachments)(a) Second reading of School Closure Bylaws:


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4 responses to “School Closure decision tonight!

  1. Jason Scott

    School closure update: no schools closed!

    The k-7 students from Sechelt Elementary will be amalgamated to the KES site. Details to follow.

  2. I was unable to attend the meeting last night due to an incredible tooth ache and reading your update here is confusing to me. Sechelt students move to Kinnikinnick, but the Sechelt school remains open? I assume that is for the alternate students. With Davis Bay, are you saying it remains open and will run just as it did this year with the small number of students and classes? Please elaborate as you get an opportunity to do so.


  3. Jason Scott

    Hi Bob, sorry about the tooth.

    I understand the outcome of last night’s meeting might seem confusing. We decided not to permanently close SES, on the one hand to recognize the value and importance of our great alternative school programs as you mentioned, but also to pursue an upgraded (or new!) facility in the heart of Sechelt.

    Everyone seems to agree that the SES site should be the hub for a Neighbourhood of Learning center, so we will do our best to make that happen. The current facility cannot realistically accomodate the student population of Sechelt, and most people also agree that Kinnikinick is a better facility.

    Will Davis Bay Elementary be the same next year? No, but in some ways none of our schools will be the same next year. Senior staff talked about a lot of exciting options for delivering first class education while maintaining as much of the “neighbourhood feel” that our overall community is so proud of. Options for Davis Bay include keeping it as a primary or K-5 school.

    School configurations will be looked at, and we will most certainly be doing things differently next year. This is partially driven by economics, of course, but these changes will also bring about a HIGHER quality of education for all our students. I truly believe that. Change can be great.

    This will be the next big discussion for the Board. As budget details and enrollment figures become more clear for next year, we will be able to make those specific decisions.

  4. Jason,

    Thank you for being so open with your blog and also for the clarification of my comment. I have just read your subsequent entry and along with the above response have a much clearer idea of what the Board of Education is trying to do with this issue.

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