Halfmoon Bay aces the FSA tests!

Halfmoon Bay Elementary School scored at the top of the province in the Foundation Skills Assesment testing, done in grades four and seven. The tests are meant to assess where kids are performing in the key areas of reading, writing, and numeracy.

There is some controversy around the effectiveness of the testing, but whatever your feelings around FSA testing, you have to be proud of the kids and staff at HBES. Way to go!

Read an article here:

Tiny school tops list as Fraser Institute releases latest report card

Interesting that HBES is classified as “tiny.” In our district it’s one of our larger elementary schools!



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2 responses to “Halfmoon Bay aces the FSA tests!

  1. Anonymous

    what’s happening with the FSA’s this year?

  2. Jason Scott

    FSA’s are taking place now, until the end of next week(Feb.26th). Marking starts in March.

    I’m told that participation is down this year, if that’s what you’re getting at.

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