Will Sechelt Council’s proposed “Wound an Elk” bylaw surpass the recent “Save the Rats and Seagulls” bylaw in popularity?

Sechelt Council is managing to garner an inordinate amount of attention again, for another proposed bylaw.

I’m assuming the intent of this bylaw isn’t to allow people to wound elk with arrows and let them run around in an attempt to scare off their buddies, but that is how it’s been interpreted in the community. And with pretty good reason. That’s how it reads in last week’s (February 5th, 2010) Coast Reporter, due to a combination of poorly worded quotes from wildlife biologist Darryl Reynolds, who suggested the bylaw to Council.

Or maybe that really is the intent, I don’t know. Again, it could be from what I can gather so far. And maybe that is a good way to get rid of “nuisance” elk. Not my area of expertise. It’s not the merit of the bylaw that I’m wondering about, I claim no moral superiority either way–I’ve never been bothered by elk, but I have been known to enjoy some elk jerky. What I’m wondering is just who is in charge of communications over at DoS and what are they doing?

I respect the Mayor and Council over at DoS, and I’m reasonably sure they have good intentions by looking into this, but this is just another in a pretty steady stream of wacky sounding moves that have not been met with a lot of public support.

I mean, who knew that it would be unpopular to tell little girls that their camp, and the criminals who run it,  are finally being brought to justice?

Side note:Speaking of PR wizardry, they might want to team up with the SCRD on this one, and look into moving the Pender Harbour landfill onto the Camp Olave site. Just an idea.

And what about the proposed bylaw to protect the feelings and self esteem of nervous rats and seagulls? I’m sure there is merit somewhere in that one, too; but, again, it just came out sounding like it was drafted during a peyote filled weekend atop Mt. Elphinstone. And maybe that’s how they do things over there–which can’t be worse than most of the other methods Councils (boards, committees, etc.) use–but they’ve got to do a better job communicating their intentions.

Then there were the poor war veteran amputees living quietly down at the government wharf in Sechelt, crocheting toques for the homeless (that’s how I remember it). They too had to go.

I can empathize with the Council and I know that sometimes the public and media will grab hold of sensational aspects of issues while losing sight of the big picture, but they do seem to be providing the fodder.

With this many poorly received issues, I have to think they need a little help with effective communication. So far they’ve been expressing their ideas the way I expressed my love in the 7th grade: with a series of hastily scrawled, clammy notes–and the occasional rock.



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2 responses to “Will Sechelt Council’s proposed “Wound an Elk” bylaw surpass the recent “Save the Rats and Seagulls” bylaw in popularity?

  1. Councillor Lutes

    Jason, from reading this maybe you should be writing in the local media! You have a wonderful knack for it!

  2. Jason Scott

    Thanks Councillor. I don’t know about local media, but I do hope to provide a forum for our community to exchange ideas.

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