School Closure Process

On Tuesday, January 26th, we held a special public meeting to vote on first reading of the bylaws to close Davis Bay and Kinnikinnick elementary schools.

Both bylaws made it through first reading. It was a very short meeting, as there is no debate or discussion regarding first readings. The real action will occur February 16, when the second and third (if necessary) readings for all the School Closure bylaws will be voted on. This is a public meeting: 7:00PM Chatelech Secondary School.

There is a also a public consultation meeting to receive feedback on the first readings of the proposed bylaws. This is your chance to make your views heard. February 2, 7:00 pm, Chatelech Secondary School.



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2 responses to “School Closure Process

  1. TJ57

    why dont you make up your minds? I thought you already decided

  2. Jason Scott

    The decision won’t be made until a bylaw is voted for by a majority of trustees at a third reading.

    Tuesday Feb. 16th @ Chatelech

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