Update on the update regarding : Closing Schools

For those who don’t know, the closure of Kinnickinick is back up for consideration.

Trustee Mewhort introduced another Notice of Motion at the January 12 regular Board meeting, proposing a by law to Kinnickinick school. While it was a bit of of a curveball, it was the responsible thing to do at this time. With Davis Bay back on the table, we really have to take another look at all options.

While this process might seem drawn out and about as linear as The Road to Pender, it is this way for a reason. Any decision around closing schools must be deliberated, and enough time must be given for all relevant information to be considered.

It must be remembered that a Notice of Motion is just that–notice that a motion will be put forward. Also, first (and second) reading of proposed bylaws are not an indication that those bylaws will be enacted. Again, these processes are in place to ensure that Trustees can consider the options, and the public can voice their concerns and preferences.

While Trustees (including myself) have spoken about what they think is the best option based on the information available, it is important to note that no decisions have been made. A bylaw will only be enacted when a majority of Trustees vote for it at a third reading.

I am still open to options, particularly as new information arises. We have received more information about the budget since the December Board meeting, and, guess what? It’s not good.

So, keep those letters and calls coming in!


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