SD46 Regular Meeting : February 10, 2009

  The third regular meeting of the new board was hosted at Davis Bay Elementary school, after a whirlwind tour of the Sechelt area schools. Did you know that we are spreading our meetings throughout the Coast to allow easier access? Click here to check tour dates .

  The first meeting of the new board (in December) was really a bit of a love in. We were sworn in and pictures were taken and everyone was pretty happy. Sure, there was some work done, but for those of us that didn’t know an amendment from a hole in the ground, it was basically a freebie.

  Turns out that was the only one.

  Since then it’s been sink or swim (and rightly so), and down to business. It’s not that you don’t still feel the love in the room, but it’s buried beneath heaps of motioning and seconding. I pictured a lot more Barry Manilow and talking about my feelings. And group hugs have been nonexistent.

  Seriously though, this was a jam packed and productive meeting. The agenda can be viewed here. I will post the official minutes when they are available, but here are some highlights:

  Kerry Mahlman introduced some of the dedicated educators that are part of the District Aboriginal Programs and Services.

  SETA Barb Holt recounted her amazing experience of chaperoning a visually impaired student to Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama.

  The Board passed the following motions:

“That the Board of Education officially confirm that the present grade configuration of Madeira Park Elementary School will remain Kindergarten the Grade 6, and that the present grade configuration for Pender Harbour Secondary School remain Grade 7 to Grade 12.”

“That the Board of Education request that senior management and the Policy Committee review student Substance Abuse policy and regulations, in consultation with local partner groups such as the Substance Abuse Task Force, Ministry of Children and family Development, the RCMP, Vancouver Coastal Health, Community Services and the Youth Outreach Program.”

“That the Board of education confirm its committment to having an elementary school within the Town of Gibsons.”

“That the Board of Education resume its pursuit of capital funding for the rebuild of Gibsons Elementary.”

See? Exciting stuff. Come on out to the next meeting March 10th, 2009, at the School Board office. Free hugs.


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