Norwalk a mile in my shoes…

My wife and I had the Norwalk virus last week. Luckily Rory was spared.
I guess I haven’t been that sick for a while, because I was down and out! Definately one of the more horrible experiences I’ve had in awhile.
But, there were some funny moments. It was one of those situations that is so incredibly horrendous, and out of your control, that you just have to laugh. There’s an interesting echo to laughter while vomitting. Who knew toilet bowls had such great acoustics? You should try it.
Of course Maggie’s eight and a half months pregnant, so for her to get it was just adding insult to injury. Could be worse, though. We’re happy it happened pre-baby, at least.
I’d suggest not catching this one. In Norwalk’s favour, though, the most painful and gut wrenching episodes seem to subside after about 24 hours.


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